Edison Elementary PTA

Making a Difference One Member at a Time

The Edison PTA is a committed collaboration of

parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and school administration. 

Our Mission: 

To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

'23-24 School Year PTA Meetings are Virtual

The first Thursday of each month at 

6:00 PM

Google Meets Link

September 7, 2023

October 5, 2023

November 2, 2023

January 4, 2023

February 1, 2023

March 7, 2023

April 4, 2023

May 2, 2023

The Edison PTA completes a variety of tasks/activities.

The Edison PTA has three big fundraisers where we ask for help from our community. 

Eagle Run (Fall)

This is a fun event where every student tries to run as many laps around the field as they can. This fundraiser raises money for a fundamental cause at Edison, Paraprofessionals in the school!!! Paraprofessionals play a valuable role in elementary school classrooms by providing additional support to teachers and students. They assist in various ways to enhance the learning environment and help ensure that all students receive the attention and guidance they need. Here's how paraprofessionals help in the elementary classroom:

Overall, paraprofessionals bring valuable skills and support to elementary classrooms, helping to create a more inclusive, engaging, and effective learning environment for all students.

This is one of the biggest fundraisers we do at Edison. All the money raised from Eagle Run goes directly to the Para Champaign. We would love to raid $80,000+! Which is about $160 per student.  You can donate to a student for each lap they run or just a general donation.   You will see more information about Eagle Run in the coming weeks.

Eagle Read-A-Thon (Winter Break)

The Read-A-Thon is a fundraiser for Books in the Edison Library, Class Libraries, and for subscriptions, the students use in addition to physical reading materials. 

It is also a way to keep our students reading during the Winter Break. 

Kids keep a log of how many minutes they read and gain pledges per minute. 

Because of this simple fundraiser...our libraries have wonderful books in them and we are able to get fun subscriptions for the kids to use to help with reading. 

EdFest (Spring, Adult Party)

Edfest is our adult fundraiser! 

We have wonderful auction items to help raise money for the general PTA Fund. 

Each Class makes a basket to be auctioned off, plus we get awesome auction items from the community. 

The PTA General Fund funds field trips, tutoring, teacher appreciation week, enrichment scholarships, and much more. 

Last year we were able to raise money to purchase new permanent soccer goals for the school